Archery Schedule

Friday evening: set up the range.


8:30: Range opens. Inspections, and free shooting whenever we have enough marshals to do either or both.

9:30: Society Seasonal Archery Challenge: Tic Tac Toe. We will report scores to the Society archery list. Three columns of three circles, every arrow in a circle gets a point. Every three in a row gets five points. So, three in a row down the left column, and there in across the bottom row, and three in a row diagonally from top left to bottom right, gets you 21 points with six arrows. One flight at 20 yards and one flight at 15 yards. Youth at 15 yards and 10 yards.

10:15: Aquila et Fulmen Challenge. Everybody can play, but Aquilae cannot win. A grouping challenge; one point for every arrow that you can wrap a string around. Three flights, shrinking strings! 24 inches, 18 inches, and 12 inches. An ongoing Northshield challenge, ending at Fall coronation. There is a prize at the end.

11:15: Ginevra’s Shoot. It’s not as evil as it could be. At least, that’s what she told me. I trust her. Come out and play.

Noon: HE Moira’s shoot. Yeah, this one is evil. In a nice way, but still.

1:30: Ragnar’s Archer’s Duel. It’s Mermaids. We have to have Lord Ragnar Ravensfriend’s Archer’s Duel. Shoot your friends in effigy before they get you. Lots of virtual injuries, no gaming consoles, just fun and games IRL.

3:00: Open Range/Archers’ Choice. It’s a beautiful glade in the woods, a sweet late spring day, archery and friends: the perfect experience of archery for joy. Come on out and play.

Range closes half an hour before Court. Help break down the range after Feast; moderate activity to aid digestion. See how archery is a perfect sport?

All times in Scadian Central Standard. Inspections whenever you need one; loaner gear, training, and warm welcome always on offer.