Lamb to Loom        LAMB TO LOOM 2015        Lamb to Loom

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Saturday May 16th, 2015
10am to 10pm
The Farm
(Aoife & Tig’s House)
W4948 County Road SS
Random Lake, WI 53075

Come and join us again for an A&S centered event focusing on the fiber arts – Sheep from the lamb to the loom.

Hosted by the Shire of Turm an dem See.

Sheep shearing demonstration.

Fiber arts classes and sheep related classes.

Co-Autocrat: Lady Cobflaith ingen Sitriucca meic Ímair (Robin Fritche) –

Co-Autocrat: Nicoleana Serci Evermore (Dawn Dixon) –

Arts & Sciences Competition

  As the days grow long so have our fleeces and at Lamb to Loom we gather together to shear our sheep and explore the arts and sciences that follow.  Along with the shearing we are offering a wide array of classes and plenty of opportunity for hands on learning.

To encourage everyone to share what they have learned with others, we will be hosting an Arts and Sciences competition!  This is a judged competition for any project at any level of expertise and works in progress are welcome.

Bring your fiber arts related projects.

Please bring a simple one page write-up with your entry that describes the ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘When’, and ‘How’; more complete documentation is welcome but not required.

There will be 2 categories… judged and populace choice.
Finished items w/some kind of documentation for the formal competition, but works in progress or without documentation can be considered for the bean-count and feedback will be given if desired.
If you have any questions regarding the competition please contact Lady CobflaithNicoleana or Lady Aoife.


Hand Shearing Demonstration

How to Skirt and Scour a Fleece

Spinning with a Drop Spindle

Fingerloop Braiding

Cloth and Thread Covered Buttons


Hand Sewing

How to Fit a Cotehardie

The Seamstresses’ Kit: an emergency guide

Complementary Livestock: How Chickens Fit into the Historical Farmstead

Getting Messy with Druscilla and Paint

Part 1.  Marbling – This is experimenting and having fun with marbling using acrylic paints designed for this craft.  The class will be held outside.  Wind and humidity is not an ideal situation.  Bring clean (white) canvas tennis shoes if interested in marbled “Keds.”   Instructor will provide paints, and paper and other supplies.  – ages = trustworthy any

Part 2.  Floor cloths –  Admittedly this class is in the research and experimentation stage.  I am expecting to learn as much if not more than the students.  I will have hemmed & primed cloths for purchase.  Estimated cost is $5.00 for a 30*36” cloth and $10.00 for a 60*36” cloth.  The canvas is medium weight, making it acceptable for occasional use but won’t be long lasting for day to day use.  (It’s also significantly cheaper than the heavy canvas so is ideal for learning and experimentation.)  Because of the preparation involved, there will be a finite number of precut canvass.  Please contact to let her know of interest and what size is requested so the items will be available.  There will be a couple of cloths to try painting on, but not take home.  ages = trustworthy any

After the class, the cloths will need to dry and be varnished.  They will also need an undercoating of rubber so they aren’t a falling hazard.  Details to follow.

This class listing will probably be updated as I learn more about the craft.

Donations of latex paint, especially in strong color will be appreciated

(If you would like to teach, please let Cobflaith or Nicoleana know! The list is subject to change)

Potluck Feast… Bring a dish to share.

A grill and fire pit is available for out-door cooking.

Period clothing optional if interacting with the sheep.

After the feast there will be a bonfire…expect many songs and stories and much merriment.

Bring Chairs!!!!

And there’s no site fee! Just bring a non-perishable food item for us to donate to the local food pantry.

Please contact Lady Aoife or Lord Tig if you are in need of crash space or would like to put up a tent over night!

Feel free to invite anyone you think may be interested! :)