Mermaids Retreat XXV – Silver Jubilee

Memorial Day Weekend 

May 25th to 28th, 2018

Camp Sinawa
9113 Sinawa Road
Valders, WI 54245

Site Opens: Noon on Friday May 25th
Site Closes: 1pm on Monday May 28th

Site Info

Please read Camp Rules!

Wet site (no bottles or cans – use period drinking vessels)

Weekend Site Fees

Same Prices! More Fun!

Adult Registration-$20
Adult Member Registration- $15

Day Trip Fees

Adult Registration-$15
Adult Member Registration-$10

Family Cap

2 Adults/2 Children Registration – $56

2 Adults/2 Children Member Registration – $46

Camping Fees

Tent space: $5

Cabins: $35,  Dorms: $6 per bed (shared space)


Click here to sign up

Prereg questions can be directed to Lady Beatrice

Feast – Saturday Evening – $8

Flat Earth Feast

On the table
Sliced Cheese
Sliced Sausage
Sliced Pickles

Course One
Breaded Chicken Cutlet with cream sauce
English Cheese Lasagna
Sliced and Roasted Carrots and Zucchini

Course Two
Sliced Beef with wine and sliced mushroom and onion sauce
Sliced Roasted Cauliflower
Sliced Roasted Potatoes

Sliced Fruit

Feast Steward – Baron Alasdair Calum Montgomery

Rapier Combat

MIC  – Don Dante Falconis

Schedule – Click Here!

Armored Combat

MIC – Master Abelard die Elster

Schedule – Click Here!


MIC – James the Elder

Schedule – Click Here!

Arts and Sciences – Saturday

This will be a little different than a normal A&S competition, as on Saturday May 26th, from 10AM to 3PM, the general public is welcomed to our event.

In an effort to show them that we do more than fighting and archery (and sewing pretty clothes), we want to display our other efforts in a way to raise curiosity and the feeling ‘Hey, maybe I could do something like that too!’ (And with the public in attendance the A&S show will be held inside and under security.)

So with that being said the categories are:

1. Most Ambitious
2. 15 years and under (the artists not the age of the item) – also known as “Future Laurels of Northshield”.
3. Artist’s Personal Favorite.

NOTE: These projects can be of any age – completed the day before or 5 years ago.
DOCUMENTATION: Please limit to 2 pages (no dissertations!). One page with photos on the basics of how it was done and 1 page of the resources used. Simple is the byword here.
JUDGING: This will be very different. One set of judges will be the general public coming through and a second set will be the SCA folks attending the event. You do not need to be present
for the judging. Names may be left off of documentation if you so wish – in that case you will be identified by a number.
Due to this being a Show, with the general public in attendance we must ask that there be NO FOOD, BREWING or DANCE entries. If you enter a ballista or catapult or other machinery of
significant size it may be displayed outside and demonstration will not be possible.
For any other questions and to register your entry (to give us an idea of how much space to set aside for the show) please contact the MOAS for Turm an dem See, Mistress Alinor of Braeford, at 920-657-1719 or via e-mail at before May 12, 2018.

Artisan’s Row

Details TBD

Childrens’ Activities – Saturday and Sunday

Puppetry Workshop


Various Crafts

Breakfast – Sunday Morning 

Scrambled Eggs
Trying for Bacon – maybe Sausage
French Toast Bake

Sunday Morning Mimosa Roundtable

OK, it will probably be a Mimosa Square table, cuz we don’t have a round table big enough

Get some breakfast and come share why you joined the SCA and what keeps you coming and we’ll add a little champagne to your juice!

Event Steward

Sad’ya d’Hier