Mermaids Retreat XXVI – Myths and Monsters

May 17th to 19th, 2019

Camp Sinawa
9113 Sinawa Road
Valders, WI 54245

Site Opens: Noon on Friday May 17th
Site Closes: 1pm on Sunday May 19th
 Site Info

Please read Camp Rules!

Wet site (no bottles or cans – use period drinking vessels)

Weekend Site Fees

Adult Registration-$20
Adult Member Registration- $15

Day Trip Fees

Adult Registration-$15
Adult Member Registration-$10

Family Cap

2 Adults/2 Children Registration – $56

2 Adults/2 Children Member Registration – $46

Camping Fees

Tent space: $5

Cabins: $35,  Dorms: $6 per bed (shared space)


Pre-registration is available through May 10th. Payment must be received to reserve cabins.

Printable Pre-registration Form

Mail Pre-registration to:
J Beebe
1542 N 27th Place
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Prereg questions can be directed to Lady Beatrice

Lunch- Saturday Afternoon – $5

Lunch provided by The Strizek Gaming League

Feast – Saturday Evening – $10

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Feast Steward – Baron Alasdair Calum Montgomery

By Royal Decree

Laurel’s Meeting

Their Majesties have requested a Laurel’s meeting
3pm at the main level fire ring


Court will be held at approximately 5pm – Location will be heralded

Field Activities

Rapier Combat

MIC  – Lord Constantine Grayson

9-10 (ish): Inspections and Authorizations
10-12:  Revenge Tourney
12-1:  Lunch/Open Field
    1-when it ends: Valhalla Tourney
    After:  Open field till about 30 minutes before Court

Armored Combat

MIC – John Le Salvage

9-10 open for inspections, authorizations (pending marshals), and pick ups
10-11 weapon and shield tournament
11:15-12:15 great weapon tournament
1-2 mermaid champion tournament (consort tournament)
2:30-? Poker tournament


MIC – James the Elder

Archery Schedule

Arts and Sciences

Mythcreants: Create your own Myth or Monster
Create your own legend or description on your own “period” myth or monster. Let your imagination run wild!

Two age brackets.
10 and under (adult assistance is acceptable)
11 to 17
At least two paragraphs long. Paper, pens, pencils, etc, will be available on site.

Troves and Treasures

Bring something period you have made. Media to include leather, wood, fur, glass, metal, fabric (yes garb is allowed) and fiber. Food or beverages cannot be entered.
Please provide brief documentation and please include a picture of a similar item from research or what inspired you. This is not an official A&S contest. It is just for fun so don’t knock yourself out on documentation!

Games Corner

We will have tables inside the main hall with a selection of medieval games for folks to play. Anybody who wants to bring their own medieval game is welcome.

Myths and Monsters Scavenger Hunt
We’ve heard tell that there will be creatures and monsters of legendary renowned lurking on our lands. Learn about each one to escape the curse that they are eager to cast!

Belly Dancing Workshop
Led by Garden of Eden Dancers
2:30 – 4
Come get your jingle on! All experience levels welcome!
The group will be teaching a short choreography to be performed at feast!
What fun!!

Childrens’ Activities

Games and other activities will be offered all day

Adult Supervision required

11 am – Mermaid’s and Monsters Contest

Become the Sovereign of Mermaid’s Retreat by creating the best Mermaid or sea monster costume (your costume should be premade before the event).
Be ready to answer questions about your sea creature.
The winner will watch over the Rapier and Armored Tournament that will decide your champion. The one winner from each will receive a prize and sit head table for feast.

Event Steward

Beatrice of Falcon’s Keep


Sad’ya d’Hier