Honorarium of Lord Gabriel Cordoba:

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May 29th to 31st, 2015

Camp Sinawa
9113 Sinawa Road
Valders, WI 54245

Site opens at Noon on Friday May 29th, 2015.
Site Closes at 1 PM on Sunday May 31st
Public Demo Saturday May 30th  10AM to 4PM – FREE

Site is partially handicapped-accessible.
Showers and flush toilets on site.
Electricity in cabins.
Site is discretely damp, bone-dry during public demo.
No firearms are permitted on site.


May 30th  10AM to 4PM
Public Demo is free and open to the general public.


Adult $15
Child $8 (4 and under free)
Family Cap for site Fees is $50
Non-Member Surcharge  – $5


Adult -$10
Child – $5
Non-Member Surcharge  – $5


Cabin – $35 SOLD OUT
Tent Fee – $5 per tent
Merchants – FREE

To preregister click here!

email with any questions


We want to share one of Lord Gabriel’s passions: gaming!
On Friday Evening, in the Great Hall, please bring your favorite period games to teach, share, and play together in celebration of fun and life.

We will have all of the activities that you have come to love as part of Mermaids: fighting, classes, feast, camp fires, storytelling, silent auction, arts & sciences display, Miss Mermaids Contest, and more as we can plan and fit into one weekend.



Fighting as marshals are available and see fit

mainhall open to period games 9pm to 12am


List fields open at 10 am and close at 4pm

A&S Competiton  – Voting opens at 12pm (noon) – End of the Round table (4ish)
A&S Round Table – 3pm

Youth Boffer 11 am to 2pm.

Public demo 10am to 4pm

Classes – per schedule

Kids activities – 17 to 3

Lunch 11:30 to 1:30

Court at TRM leisure – approx 5pm

Feast to follow court by 30 minutes

Main hall open to period games 8pm to 12am


At Mermaid Retreat, on Saturday the 30th, during the public demo there will be activities for youth of all ages.

Miss Mermaid will be held beauty pageant style for ages 12 and under.  The pageant begins at noon.
Please come dressed in you most fantastic Mermaid attire.  Some additional costuming will be available.

In addition to Miss Mermaid Pageant, there will be A Dragon Slaying Quest for children from one to eight years old.
There will be a Quest to retrieve the Dragon’s Tooth for children from nine to seventeen.
Both of these quests start at 2:00pm and run until 3:00pm.

There will be a craft table with a variety of crafts for children of all ages to come and enjoy.

Any questions please contact Sa D’ya D’hier


The round table will be at 3pm in the main hall.. if you enter be prepared to talk about your entry!  There will be a table for you to display your entry in the main hall! 
The deadline to enter is technically up until the round table at 3pm but voting will be open from noon on!

What have you been up to since last Mermaids? What are your passions?… Be who you are!

  • Entrants can submit any A&S project that they have been working on since last Mermaids.  Those long winter months after summer camping season seem to inspire some wonderful projects.  We want to know what you have been up to why you would or would not do it again….
  • It can be a group or single person project.
  • The project doesn’t have to be finished. It can be something you are working on but it must have enough progress to display and discuss.
  • Basic information about the project, what inspired you to make it, and what have you learned in the process is required. Sources, time period, geographical location, step by step information.  The more documentation available will help others learn.  Teach us!
  • There will be a question and answer round table – all are welcome to attend in order to ask questions about the project and give entrants an opportunity to share information about their entry. This gives the artisan the opportunity to talk about the project in more detail and teach others what they have learned or learn from those present who have knowledge to share.
  • Entrants are to be present to answer questions about the project.
  • Voting will open after the question answer session to determine the champion.  The champion will be determined by vote tally.
  • Entries will be displayed in the main hall on Saturday and must be submitted for display before the beginning of the question and answer session.

Any questions please contact Lady Aoife inghean Odhráin mhic Bhrain


10 AM — Thread Wrapped Buttons– Lady Catalina

Limited supplies provided with a small charge of $5 for the supplies. Kits include the correct string, embroidery needle, and several beads to work with. Walk-ins always welcome but supplies are limited.
Please contact Lady Catalina if you would like to have a kit available for the class.

11 AM — Spinning Wool with a Drop Spindle  and Using Wool Combs – Lady Aoife inghean Odhráin mhic Bhrain –

This class is basically what it sounds like… If you have a drop spindle please bring one…
If you are allergic to wool I can provide some silk  or llama to spin with instead.  I have very few practice spindles left… but have some that can be used during the class.  If you have wool combs bring them as well.  I have 2 sets of combs and several diz. This class is hands on so come prepared to play with fiber!!!! questions please email me at,

1 pM — Playing with Fire – THL Druscilla Galbraith

Many fabrics work for clothing (garb).  When choosing fabric for clothes, the function and use of the clothes affects the best choice of fabric.  Some fabrics are very durable, others not.  Some fabrics allow air to circulate away from the body (breathe) some don’t.  Some keep a person cool while others are warm.  Some catch fire easily, and others don’t.  This class will provide an overview of basic fibers, natural and synthetic, including their various handling and wearing properties so the student will be able to make informed selection of fabric for the desired garment.

Testing for the different fibers.  We’ll burn fabric samples and watch what happens.  Handout is reference of fiber properties.

Neither minors nor any person wearing fluffy-puffy sleeves nor other clothing deemed unsafe will be allowed to play with fire.  Decisions are the sole judgment and whim of the teacher.

2 PM — Hand Sewing for Maximum Oomph – THL Druscilla Galbraith

Cartridge pleating, button holes & eyelets

Some people create works of art by sewing entire garments by hand.  This class is NOT for them.  This class is for people who are willing to sew by hand only when sewing machine will not create the right effect.  The student will learn how to maximize the hand sewing effort, in conjunction with machine sewing, to *actually* finish garments.  The general class format is typically free form, attempting to meet the needs and interests of the students.

Various methods of cartridge pleating including quick and dirty method, fast & easy method, & more complex methods.   May include cheater ruffs.  (Depends on samples nearing the top in my sewing room, and request of event provost.)  Also button holes and or eyelets by hand.  Students take home significant samples, so they can remember what they did.  $5.00 cost – includes color picture handout, and class samples to take home.  If someone has a definite interest in a specific hand sewing topic, please contact so I can be ready for you.


09:30 – 10:00 Authorizations by appointment – please contact me at so we can plan accordingly. Inspections.

10:00 – 12:00 Mermaid’s Escort Service

12:00 – 01:00 Lunch Break – Pray attend the Miss Mermaid contest while you eat!

01:00 – 03:00 Mermaid’s Protector

03:00 – 04:00 Gypsy Dagger Fight

Mermaid’s Escort Service 

“Aye. Mermaids. Sea ghouls, devil fish, dreadful in hunger for flesh of man. Mermaid waters, that be our path. Cling to your soul, Gibbs, as mermaids be given to take the rest, to the bone.” ―Hector Barbossa

Navigating through realms infested with Mermaids is a daunting task, indeed!  Luckily, one need look no further than Mermaid’s Escort Service to get you to safety.

This will be a melee escort scenario with RBGs (rubber band guns) allowed.  Marshals must have protective eyewear – I will try to bring some extras.

The escort team consists of a VIP who must survive and make it to the goal, and escorts whose purpose is to get the VIP to the goal safely, .  The escort team may be armed with RBGs in addition to any traditional rapier form.

The mermaids cannot be legged (think about it).  In addition, when used by mermaids, bucklers or solid (non-pierced) guards are able to protect against RBG rounds.

Mermaids may not use RBGs.  Depending on location, DFB (death from behind) may or may not be allowed.

* This scenario may take place in another location, we will meet at the list field to discuss the scenario and go from there.

Mermaid’s Protector 

“Is that story still out there? A mermaid’s favor, perhaps. That I might believe.” -Jack Sparrow

Bring your best tournament.  Depending on number of combatants, either double elimination or round robin pools with top fighters advancing to double elimination.

Miss Mermaid (the victor of the Miss Mermaid contest) will select the Mermaid’s Protector from the combatants of this tournament for any reason – it need not be the victor.

Gypsy Dagger Fight 

“And there is your dagger!” – Wayne Larrivee

Combatants will have a dagger in one hand, and they will grasp opposite ends of a rope in the other hand. The rope-holding hand and arm are invulnerable.

If you lose your grip on the rope or let it go, you lose the bout.  The rope can be pulled or manipulated in any safe way so long as you maintain your grip.

This will be run as a bearpit, max of three victories before having to go to the back of the line, victor to be determined by most wins.

Prizes for Gypsy Dagger Fight: Gift Certificates to Aurora’s Apothecary. 1st: $20, 2nd: $10, 3rd: $5

Any questions please contact Don Dante Falconis

Event Steward: Baron Alasdair Calum Montgomery –

Co-Event Steward: Lady Aoife inghean Odhráin mhic Bhrain

Feast Steward: Shire of Turm an dem See – contact Baron Alasdair

Merchant Steward:Baron Alasdair Calum Montgomery –

Games Steward: TBA

Security Officer: TBA

Youth Boffer: The Honorable Lord John Bartholomew of Flanders 

Rapier Marshal: Don Dante Falconis –

 Armored Combat Marshal: Lord Tiggodric sibben Volsungar –

Archery & Thrown Weapons Marshal: Aoife Cno Capaill of Jara –

Class Coordinator:  Lady Aoife inghean Odhráin mhic Bhrain

Arts & Sciences Coordinator: Lady Aoife inghean Odhráin mhic Bhrain

Public Demo Tours Coordinator: Lady Cobflaith ingen Sitriucca meic Ímair –


Feast is $8

Menu will be:

greens & vegetables

vegetarian stew

hearty beef stew



dessert: Flan

(ingredients list to come)