Asian Invasion!

June 3rd to 5th, 2016

Camp Sinawa
9113 Sinawa Road
Valders, WI 54245

Site opens at Noon on Friday, June 3rd, 2016.
Site Closes at 1 PM on Sunday June 5th
Public Demo Saturday, June 4th 10AM to 4PM – FREE

The site is partially handicapped-accessible.
Showers and flush toilets on site.
Electricity in cabins.
The site is discretely damp, bone-dry during the public demo.
No firearms are permitted on site.


June 4th 10AM to 4PM
Public Demo is free and open to the general public.


Adult Member Registration $15.00
Adult Registration $20.00


Adult Member Registration $10.00
Adult Registration $15.00


Cabin $35
Dorms $6 per bed
Tent Fee $5 per tent
Merchants FREE for one 12×12 space
email with any questions


Celebrating all things Asian!

We will have all of the activities that you have come to love as part of Mermaids: fighting, classes, feast, camp fires, storytelling, silent auction, arts & sciences display, Miss Mermaids Contest, and more as we can plan and fit into one weekend.



Fighting as marshals are available and see fit

9PM – Midnight Period games – in the main hall

Dark – Japanese “Ghost” Stories around the fire.


10AM – 4PM List fields open for combat

A&S Competiton – Voting opens at 12PM (noon) – End of the Round table (4ish)
3PM – A&S Round Table

10AM – 4PM Public Demo

Classes – per schedule

Youth Activities – per schedule

12PM Lunch

6PM Feast

8PM Bardic Fun in the main hall with Lady Cobflaith

8PM – Midnight Period games – in the main hall


At Mermaid Retreat, on Saturday the 4th, during the public demo there will be activities for youth of all ages.

11am – Slay the Sea Monster Game

1pm – Asian Mermaid or Merman contest

Will be held beauty pageant style for ages 12 and under.
Please come dressed in you most fantastic Asian Mermaid attire. Some additional costuming will be available.

Any questions please contact Sa D’ya D’hier


The round table will be at 3pm in the main hall.. if you enter be prepared to talk about your entry! There will be a table for you to display your entry in the main hall!
The deadline to enter is technically up until the round table at 3pm but voting will be open from noon on!

What have you been up to since last Mermaids?

  • Entrants can submit any A&S project that they have been working on since last Mermaids. Does not have to be Asian. Those long winter months after summer camping season seem to inspire some wonderful projects. We want to know what you have been up to why you would or would not do it again….
  • It can be a group or single person project.
  • The project doesn’t have to be finished. It can be something you are working on but it must have enough progress to display and discuss.
  • Basic information about the project, what inspired you to make it, and what have you learned in the process is required. Sources, time period, geographical location, step by step information. The more documentation available will help others learn. Teach us!
  • There will be a question and answer round table – all are welcome to attend in order to ask questions about the project and give entrants an opportunity to share information about their entry. This gives the artisan the opportunity to talk about the project in more detail and teach others what they have learned or learn from those present who have knowledge to share.
  • Entrants are to be present to answer questions about the project.
  • Voting will open after the question answer session to determine the champion. The champion will be determined by vote tally.
  • Entries will be displayed in the main hall on Saturday and must be submitted for display before the beginning of the question and answer session.

Any questions please contact Lady Aoife inghean Odhráin mhic Bhrain


10 AM — Blacksmithing Demo – His Lordship James the Smith

11 AM — Spinning Wool with a Drop Spindle and Using Wool Combs – Lady Aoife inghean Odhráin mhic Bhrain

This class is basically what it sounds like… If you have a drop spindle please bring one…
If you are allergic to wool I can provide some silk or llama to spin with instead. I have very few practice spindles left… but have some that can be used during the class. If you have wool combs bring them as well. I have 2 sets of combs and several diz. This class is hands on so come prepared to play with fiber!!!!

Questions, email

12pm — Pad Stitching – It’s magic. It’s physics. It’s sewing. It works. – Her Ladyship Druscilla Galbraith

Pad stitching and tailor’s basting hold layers of a garment together using needle and thread to create structure, forcing the layers to cooperate and move as one. These are typically later period techniques. This class will introduce students to both pad stitching and tailor’s basting. Anyone who can thread a needle and knows pointy end goes into the fabric, not the finger is welcome. There will be kinesthetic learning. Instructor has band aids.

2pm — Hand sewing for maximum oomph – Her Ladyship Druscilla Galbraith

Cartridge pleating, button holes & eyelets.

Some people create works of art by sewing entire garments by hand. This class is NOT for them. This class is for people who are willing to sew by hand only when sewing machine will not create the right effect. The student will learn how to maximize the hand sewing effort, in conjunction with machine sewing, to *actually* finish garments.

Various methods of cartridge pleating including quick and dirty method, fast & easy method, & more complex methods. May include cheater ruffs. (Depends on samples nearing the top in my sewing room, and request of event provost.) Also button holes and eyelets by hand. Students take home significant samples, so they can remember what they did.

TBD – Flint Knapping Demo – Bob Fischer



9:30 Inspections, Pickups
10 Offhand single rapier tournament, single or double elim (depending on number of combatants)
11 Gypsy Dagger Fight
12 Lunch Break (pickups if marshals are available)
1 Mermaid’s Protector
2 Godzilla Attacks!


Gypsy Dagger Fight
Combatants will have a dagger in one hand, and they will grasp opposite ends of a rope in the other hand. The rope-holding hand and arm are invulnerable.
If you lose your grip on the rope or let it go, you lose the bout. The rope can be pulled or manipulated in any safe way so long as you maintain your grip.
This will be run as a bearpit, max of three victories before having to go to the back of the line, victor to be determined by most wins.

The generous House of Banished Orphans (HOBO, aka the Gypsies) has donated some lovely prizes including a dagger, drinking horn, and snickerdoodles and rum cookies made by the Gypsy King (eat at your own risk)!

Mermaid’s Protector
Modified Valhalla-style tournament.
Free for all, last person standing. If the person who killed you dies, you are back in.
For clarity sake, instead of the traditional “stand in your opponent’s corner”, simply yell “ALIVE”.
First to win TWICE is the Mermaid’s Protector.

Godzilla Attacks!

Melee. Scenario roles:
1 – Godzilla
3 – Army
1 – Scientist

Weapons are bring-your-best, except scientist, who gets an RBG with no ammo, and if desired, a buckler. The RBG can be used as a parrying device.
Godzilla is immortal except to nuclear attack (RBG).

If Godzilla is struck by a “killing” rapier touch, they are stunned for ten seconds.  Godzilla does not act out wounding touches, but two wounding touches are equivalent to a killing touch, stunning Godzilla for ten seconds. During the time that Godzilla is stunned, the scientist and army may move as they see fit, but no point stalking – they must be out of measure at the end of the ten seconds.  A marshal or assistant will call the time out.

Every 90 seconds, a nuclear missile is developed!
A marshal or assistant will throw an RBG round onto the field wherever they’d like to at this time. Godzilla cannot touch it. It can be picked up by any army / scientist. The scientist must load the RBG and shoot Godzilla. If they miss, that ammo cannot be reused. If they hit an army member with the nuke, that person is dead. If they fail to hit Godzilla with three nukes, Godzilla wins.

Army acts out wounds, and their deaths are permanent for the bout.

Victory Conditions:
If the scientist shoots Godzilla with the RBG (nuke), the army / scientist wins.
If the scientist dies, Godzilla wins.

Sides may be rebalanced between rounds.
Also, there’s a Godzilla costume.

Any questions please contact Don Dante Falconis



Any questions please contact Lord Hideyoshi Yoshimitsu no Kami Nobunaga



Any questions please contact Baroness Moira nicConnell the Strongbow

Event Steward: Baron Alasdair Calum

Co-Event Steward: Lady Aoife inghean Odhráin mhic Bhrain

Feast Steward: Katharine of House Trinity –

Merchant Steward:Baron Alasdair Calum

Rapier Marshal: Don Dante Falconis –

Armored Combat Marshal: Lord Hideyoshi Yoshimitsu no Kami Nobunaga –

Archery & Thrown Weapons Marshal: Baroness Moira nicConnell the Strongbow –

Class Coordinator: Lady Aoife inghean Odhráin mhic Bhrain

Arts & Sciences Coordinator: Lady Aoife inghean Odhráin mhic Bhrain

Public Demo Tours Coordinator: Lady Cobflaith ingen Sitriucca meic Ímair


Asian style – American Style!
We will be serving noodles with vegetables and eggs for $2
There will be pork available for $1 more!


Feast is $8


Miso soup(Me-so)- A broth soup made with fermented soybean paste and nori. All other ingredients are added to taste and by region. Can be traced back to 7th century book Ch’i-min yao-shu By Shih sheng-Han.

Mantou(Man-toe)- A steamed bread bun filled with pork, similar to modern dimsum, and dumpling. Created by Zhuge Liang in the 3rd century.

Goldongban(Goal-dawn-bawn)- Rice topped with various left over dishes from months past in preparation for the new year. Traced back to the Joseon Period which spanned from the 13th to the 17 century.
Bulgogi(Pull-go-gee)- A Korean beef dish similar to bulgogi which was first recorded in the book In Search of The Supernatural By Gan Bao in the 4th century.
Ji(Jee)- A historic version of the modern Kimchi first mentioned in the book Classic of Poetry written, by hand, by the Qianlong Emperor in the 4th century.
Luohan Zhai(Loo-hong-jhigh)- A mix of hardy vegetables traditionally eaten by Buddhist monks because of their meatless diet. Although the dish does not have an exact date or reference it has believed to be eaten in Buddhist temples since the 1st century.

Mochi(Mo-chee)- A rice cake made by beating glutinous rice flour and forming it into shapes, then can be filled, seasoned with pastes, or powders, fried, or added to soups and other dishes. First popularized in the Heian Period spanning from the 7th to the 11th century.